Azimo Overview

Background: Azimo is an online platform that offers digital transfers for money that has to be sent abroad. Azimo accepts over 80 currencies and allows transfer of money to over 190 countries. Money transfers can be done with the help of debit or credit card. The website is translated in 10 languages, allowing a wide range of members to sign up on the platform.


  1. Azimo is well liked by people who have travelled to another country and are in need of an easy service that allows transfer of money to and from family.
  2. Azimo offers its members various pay out methods they can choose from.
  3. Azimo has many positive comments, positive referrals and satisfied customers
  4. It has good rates of exchange available on their platform.


  1. The services is only available in Europe at the moment.
  2. Azimo’s services are not cheap
  3. Azimo’s customer service is, at times, slow

Reviews from trust pilot:

  • “Very reliable and excellent way of money transfer. Azimo is always available when congratulations is necessary and always punctual in answering questions. When problems arises, they are excellent in fixing problems. In fact I have no fear using Azimo. When you use Azimo, your money is safe, guaranteed and in good hands. I recommend Azimo to whoever want to transfer money because this is the fastest and safest way of transferring money.”
  • “Reliable and excellent. Highly recommended.”
  • “I love Azimo. It's very fast and safe”
  • “Reliable, easy, fast and secured.”
  • “Excellent and secured service”


Azimo offers unique financial services that many people are seeking advice for. Generally, in order to exchange money or send money to a the family from another country, Azimo is a great choice. The rate of exchange changes from one country to another. With its widespread reach, Azimo has been successful in reaching people from across the world. Thus, it is highly beneficial for those people who have moved from one country to another. Definitely worth a try if you have or are planning to travel abroad.

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