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Currencies direct is an online financial service and currency exchange service provider offering services to individuals, businesses and online sellers. It is based in the United Kingdom. Although popular across many countries, they have specialized expertise in offering their services of transferring currency to Spain, France, USA, UK, Portugal and South Africa.


  1. Currencies direct offers services that is highly tailored to the need of each consumer.
  2. All registered consumers get allotted an account manager
  3. Their special expertise lies in a long list of countries
  4. The platform is user friendly, comprehensive and clear. It offers a range of services such as expert help on currency markets, local regulations and compliance.


  1. Exchange rates are not always the best price. Especially if a smaller amount of money is exchanged.
  2. Consumers do not have access to any local physical points where they could pick up cash easily.

Reviews from trust pilot:

  • “Very impressed with Daisy and all who I have dealt with. Thanks to all.”
  • “Usually transfer exchange to Euros and transfer thru' my bank. But Currencies direct provide a fast, friendly and effective service - at competitive exchange rates and with no transfer charges. And there customer service is second to none. At the get-go they took as much time as I needed to explain things and answer my questions. And hats off to a Boneca Rego... I recently had what I thought was a problem. She was on it like a flash, sorted it in no time and all, and emailed me to put my mind at rest. I'm all round impressed.”
  • “We were recommended in Spain and we never heard of Currency Direct before!!
  • “We used it to transfer money and found them very helpful and excellent service. I will recommend to my family and friends.”
  • “This morning Daisy MacDonald helped me wish my first currency transfer. She was so very helpful and patient with me. Thank you Daisy I will ask for you again when I transfer the rest of the funds for the villa in France via Purefrance.”
  • “Currencies Direct have provided me with a seamless currency transfer solution. I highly recommend them for their valued service and diligence.”


Great service. It is the kind of service people should opt for if they want more from their exchange platform. If travelling to any of the countries in their specialty list, currencies direct will take care of your every need with regard to currency management and exchange. It is best to double check about ways to draw/pick up cash in case you are travelling to a cash-centric place.

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