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Currency fair Overview

Currency fair is an online currency exchange platform. It allows customers to exchange currencies without much complication. Currency fair customers have the advantage of getting better currency exchange rate than most of its peers. It operates in 18 currencies and money can be exchanged to and from over 150 countries.


  1. Has amazing exchange rates. Better than most of its contemporaries in the market.
  2. Because money is exchanged directly between customers, the exchange process is very quick. This means, the receiver also gets money quickly
  3. Currency fair has got great reviews about its friendly and ever helpful customer care.


  1. Potential consumers have found the signing up process long and unclear.

Reviews from TrustPilot

  • Currency fair is a simple and straightforward service for transferring funds between countries without paying hidden bank fees. It takes a little work to set it up especially if you have never used anything like it before. However, the customer service team is helpful and prompt in answering questions. I recommend Currency fair.”
  • “Easy and simple to get funds to family abroad. Sterling to Euro and viz a viz.”
  • “The process was transparent and the money was transferred quickly. The exchange rate and transfer amount was close to the market rate. I was informed upfront of the 4$ fee and no hidden fees apply other than the currency exchange at the time of transfer- market rate on the exact date. Some hidden fees apply with other service providers which is not the case with Currency fair. My overall experience was great!I look forward to more transfers in the future”
  • “Very quick and easy way of transferring funds from one country to another”
  • “So easy to use, quick transfers and definitely the cheapest option for exchanging currency that I know of.”


Currency Fair does not much negatives. It probably offers the cheapest exchange rate in the market. Along with this, it has excellent management, technology and customer care service that has earned it many brownie points with its consumers. The only reason consumers find signing up process long is because there is a lot of data verification that happens, which in turn increases security for the consumers.

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