Orbit Remit Review

Orbit remit is an online payment and money transfer service that offers its services primarily in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Their consumers absolutely love the website and find it easy to navigate. They offer exchange of 19 currencies in total to 37 countries. The residents of New Zealand enjoy a few additional perks from this service provider.


  1. It has cheap and flat fees for all its consumers
  2. Residents from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom enjoy few additional services made available to them.
  3. They have a 24*7 customer service system with a very high rate of customer satisfaction.
  4. Transfers are quick and easy


  1. Consumers can only pay through bank transfers. No other mode of transfer has been made available.
  2. It is not a global service. It only available to residents of Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Reviews from trust pilot:

  • “I think good, but the matter is sometimes I need soon receiver should have fund. So please make sure it is send more quickly”
  • “It is my first time to use Orbit remit and was a bit hesitant but I am amazed and wow ! Excellent service ! and the transfer was really smooth ! I transferred money on Friday night and it went on the next day Saturday even it is weekend. Will recommend! 5 star”
  • “Easy to use.. Very transparent and you can lock in the rate at the time of transaction.. So you know how much exactly your Beneficiary is getting!!!”
  • “Simple and intuitive to use. Provided good evidence of the transfer for the recipient. I will definely use Orbit remit in the future”
  • “Safe, secured and very convenient way to send money to The Philippines. Highly recommended.”


The biggest disadvantage to Orbit remit is its limited accessibility. It is available for a relatively smaller group of consumers only. However, for anyone who is lucky to be living in any of the three countries the service is available in (New Zealand, Australia and the UK), should definitely check it out! Its popularity with its consumers and the high customer satisfaction is definitely intriguing!

For more visit Orbit remit

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