1 Jan

Introducing Boki

Boki is a service which compares multiple money transfer providers to help get the cheapest rate when you are sending money abroad. Basically we ensure you get cheap money transfers.

Boki in itself does not provide a money transfer service we just ensure you get the best, think of us like the skyscanner for money transfers.

Why Boki

There are many ways to send money abroad either to a loved one or for a business purchase. You can go down the traditional routes of banks, which most times tend to charge a higher rate, there are a few good online providers as well e.g AzimoTransferGoTransferWiseWorldRemit who tend to provide a more competitive rate, then you can also do a current swap with a friend or family member in the receiving country.

Cheap money transfer

Get maximum value when you need to check for the best solution can be quite hard, this is why we created Boki.

We created Boki to ensure that immigrants/expats sending money abroad can get the very best deal. We are absolutely obsessed about this!

We are not just about cheap money transfers

For us it is not always about cheap money transfers, we also ensure all our partners are vetted and regulated. This means they can be trusted with your money.

Our partners

Boki compares the following partners

and more

Our list is continually growing, we are constantly looking for partners to join our portal so if you provide money transfer services and looking to come on board then please get in touch with us at hello@boki.ai

We are working really hard to the deliver the best possible experience for you. Thanks a lot for reading and welcome to the world of excellent money transfer rates!

boki.ai Staff

Go ahead and start comparing money transfers now


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